Sample Telehealth Consent Forms

In our prior Blog entry: “Your Changing Practice – Telehealth During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis,” we noted many considerations and resources to assist you during this time.  Many of you, or your organizations, have not previously engaged in telehealth.  We created two sample consent forms to be used for patients...


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Your Changing Practice – Telehealth During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

We have seen significant changes in how healthcare is provided to patients including telehealth, telebehavioral health, and telepsychology services.  This has come to the forefront more than ever due to the coronavirus.  Allied Healthcare Professionals who previously would not have used telehealth services now have a need to do so.  These services are being implemented rapidly and emergently so patients will still have the treatment they need during this time of crisis.  Regulations are changing minute-by-minute, and it is important to know applicable federal and state regulations...  


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Risk Considerations When Your Practice Goes Remote During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

As a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), many companies have had to rapidly implement remote working capabilities out of necessity.  This is unchartered territory, and the risks might not be fully appreciated...  

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Working with Patients During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

This is a challenging time for all of us.  As an allied healthcare professional, you will likely experience patients who have increased anxiety and fears.  In addition, patients may likely have added stressors such as financial concerns, managing children who are out of school for a prolonged period of time, and increased social isolation.  These stressful times may also elevate the potential for increased domestic violence and abuse within the home. 

Here are a few high-level tips to keep in mind during this time...


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Overcoming and Managing Challenging Interpersonal Provider Relationships

As an Allied Healthcare Professional, you likely have had training in how to manage patients with difficult behaviors and are competent to address incredibly challenging issues.  What happens, though, when you have to deal with a difficult provider, you can no longer manage his/her behavior, or it potentially impacts care? 



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