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Cyber threats can occur at any time, and attacks focused on healthcare data are increasing in both levels of severity and frequency. As a healthcare practitioner, you’re already aware of the need to protect your patients’ confidences, but modern technology poses threats to confidentiality that you may not have considered.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the average number of patient records that are impacted every month has increased 40.5% in just the past year. Don’t let your practice become a statistic!

Experience has shown that the best way to combat the constantly evolving world of cyber risk is through a three-prong approach: risk transfer, loss mitigation services and post-incident services. TRMS, through Chubb, has the perfect, affordable solution - Cyber Enterprise Risk Management, or Cyber ERM.

Loss Mitigation Services

Being prepared for a cyber incident can go a long way in limiting losses when one occurs. These enhanced benefits and services deliver extra assurance and specialized attention for our cyber policyholders. This includes:

  • Password Defense: Help improve cyber security by making it easier for you to create and use stronger passwords. This password manager application can be used on both your desktop and mobile devices and is complimentary to all cyber policyholders.
  • Online Cyber Education: Get free access to two educational online courses – Security Awareness Basics and Security Awareness for Information Technology. You’ll learn how to identify potential threats, protect sensitive data, scan for system vulnerabilities, and escalate issues to the right people when necessary.

Incident Response Services

Being ready to respond will help reduce your exposure to a loss when a cyber event occurs. As a cyber policyholder, you’ll have access to our innovative Cyber Alert app that provides rapid incident response options as well as a panel of pre-approved service providers to help you navigate the situation. This includes:

  • Crisis Hotline – Help with Urgent Matters: The 24/7 Crisis Hotline will route your message immediately to a pre-approved law firm that is adept in handling cyber matters. An Incident Response Coach will assist you with initial triage of your situation and subsequently recommend the next course of action.
  • Cyber Incident – Claims Process: A cyber claims specialist will provide initial analysis and triage of the incident and help you navigate through this process. The specialist will answer questions on what specific incident response services may be required and help you to engage various service providers within the Cyber Incident Response Team, if necessary.
  • Incident Response Team – Partners in Response: A diverse group of independent service providers in multiple response disciplines (e.g., forensics, public relations, extortion, business interruption) will be assembled to obtain the best resolution for our insureds. These experts provide specific incident response services in the event of a cyber incident.

Additional Coverage

Optional endorsements, such as business interruption, digital data recovery, network extortion, and cybercrime (e.g., computer fraud, funds transfer fraud, social engineering fraud) are also available.

Cyber liability policies and the ancillary services that TRMS provides their policyholders will bring your skills in this area current and provide you the unique protection that these loss exposures require.

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Are you protected in the event of a cyber breach?

This premier coverage is comprised of two of the most extensive cyber services:

  • Loss Mitigation Services provides access to tools and resources to address key areas of cyber security risks before an event occurs.
  • Incident Response Services puts a team of experts at your disposal in critical areas to help limit exposure to a loss when an event occurs.

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